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A collection of stories about Graphicstudio in the local and national press.
2/14/2014 | Tampa Bay Times
Review: Graphicstudio retrospective at TMA shows off scope of work

Allan McCollum, “Each and Every One of You,” 2004.
Allan McCollum, “Each and Every One of You,” 2004.

“The exhibit, Graphicstudio: Uncommon Practice at USF, at the Tampa Museum of Art is a show of more than 100 works by 45 artists.” “Graphicstudio isn’t a tourist draw; it’s an artists’ draw that, in its own way, has put our area on the art map. See this show and you’ll see why.”

2/11/2014 | Graphicstudio: Uncommon Practice at USF
Tampa Museum of Art showcasing famous artists from USF Graphicstudio

Vik Muniz “Vik” lithograph and screenprint part of a new Graphicstudio exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art. CREDIT: WILL LYTCH
Vik Muniz “Vik” lithograph and screenprint part of a new Graphicstudio exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art.

“The large exhibition opening Saturday at the Tampa Museum of Art contains the answer. “Graphicstudio: Uncommon Practice at USF” is a grand sweep of more than 110 works by 45 of the 108 artists who have been coming to the University of South Florida’s campus since 1969. Several generations of art world celebrities such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Louise Bourgeois, Trisha Brown, Chuck Close, Graciela Iturbide, Kiki Smith and Christian Marclay have made their imprint at the Tampa printmaking studio.”

11/14/2013 | ArtDistricts
SubRosa: The Language of Resistance. An Interview with Noel Smith

Barbad Golshiri, The Distribution of the Sacred System, 2010, installation, action and video documentation.
Barbad Golshiri, The Distribution of the Sacred System, 2010, installation, action and video documentation.

“On the occasion of the exhibition “SubRosa: The Language of Resistance” at the Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida in Tampa, ARTDISTRICTS contacted curator Noel Smith to talk about her motivations to curate this project, the works included in this show and the challenges of curating social and political activism.” The interview includes inside information about Noel’s experience, the SubRosa exhibition context and approach, and the inspiration and motivation behind the curatorial experience.”

10/31/2013 | The Digital Bullpen
Master Printers Open their Workspaces at Graphicstudio’s Annual Benefit Sale

Graphicstudio Annual Benefit Sale
Graphicstudio Annual Benefit Sale

“USF’s Graphicstudio held its 15th annual benefit sale Friday, opening its doors as well as its archives to the public, with all sales of fine art prints and sculpture multiples benefiting its research, educational programming and artists’ residencies. “It’s been crazy here this morning. We had people waiting outside for the doors to open,” said Kristin DuFrain, the curator and registrar of Graphicstudio. That’s a first, I think.” “We had one customer call yesterday that saw an image we had up for sale,” added Kristin Soderqvist, director of sales and marketing at the Institute for Research in Art. ”It was the only one, and she had to have it. So, she was here at 9:30, waiting to come in, came right in and said, ‘I want it’.””

4/01/2013 | GWToday
A Conversation with Artist Iva Gueorguieva | Iva Gueorguieva

Conspiracy Amidst the Wings
Conspiracy Amidst the Wings

“Ms. Gueorguieva, a Bulgarian-born artist, is primarily known for her complicated paintings. Her foray into printmaking was as an artist-in-residence at the University of South Florida’s Graphicstudio in 2011. The results of her time there include the prints and collages featured in “Reinvigorating Prints,” which opened at the Brady Art Gallery on March 27. Her unusual abstractions instantly attracted the directors of the Brady Art Gallery. “Her prints are energetic, complex and intricate,” assistant director Olivia Kohler-Maga said. “We are excited to debut these prints here, not just because they are so technically compelling, but because each one depicts another world, somewhere in which you can get lost.” George Washington Today spoke to Ms. Gueorguieva about the new pieces, what she’s learned from her newfound love of printmaking and the art of experimentation.”

03/22/2013 | Tampa Bay Online
Pearlstein opens up about his art/exhibit | Philip Pearlstein

Artist Philip Pearlstein stands in front of his  panoramic view of Jerusalem, which he printed at Graphicstudio
Artist Philip Pearlstein stands in front of his panoramic view of Jerusalem, which he printed at Graphicstudio.

“We recently sat down with internationally renowned artist Philip Pearlstein at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, where 62 of his works, “Philip Pearlstein’s People, Places, Things,” are exhibited through June 16. Pearlstein is known for his large-scale realistic paintings of the human nude in various unconventional poses. Sitting in the gallery in St. Pete, surrounded by many of these paintings, the soft-spoken Pearlstein talked about his art and about his connections to Tampa and to Florida.”

01/2013 | Mag Cloud
Art in Print, Volume 2/Issue 5 | Carlos Garaicoa

Art in Print, Volume 2/Issue 5
Art in Print, Volume 2/Issue 5

“A recent exhibition of the artist’s work at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum included architectural models, paper sculptures, light boxes, altered photographs and cut-tape drawings done on rubber cutting mats. The last comprised the second half of a two-part work, The Word Transformed (2009)—two of the seven drawings were chosen by Garaicoa to realize in print at USF’s Graphicstudio. The images were made as screenprints on self healing cutting mats, a common material in an artist’s studio. Printer Matthew Squires explained that the material does not absorb ink like uncoated paper, so the ink sits on the surface mimicking the slight elevation of tape. ” Download Full Story PDF

4/30/12 | USF News
Graphicstudio Receives NEA Grant for Exhibition

“The University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum has received $75,000 for the development of the traveling exhibition UnCommon Practice: Graphicstudio from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The exhibition, curated by Jade Dellinger, will highlight editions and special projects created by artists in the 45-year history of the University’s distinguished Graphicstudio from USFCAM’s collection and is undertaken in a unique partnership with the Tampa Museum of Art, where the exhibition will be held in the spring of 2014, and travel to other institutions in the United States. “Visitors to the exhibition will see the exceptional work produced at Graphicstudio, a unique laboratory that takes full advantage of resources available on a campus known for its support of innovative research,” said USFCAM Director Margaret Miller. This award comes on the heels of recognition from Time Magazine for one of the prominent artists associated with Graphicstudio who will be featured in the exhibition, Christian Marclay. He made the list of the publication’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.” He was named one of the world’s “Ten Most Important Artists” by Newsweek Magazine and won the Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion for Best Artist in 2011.”

4/28/12 | Chinart Blog
Jia Aili’s residency at University of South Florida | Jia Aili

Th Wasteland | Jia Aili’s solo exhibition

“University of South Florida’s Graphicstudio and the Confucius Institute at USF provided a window into this trend with last week’s presentation of “China: Making Contact.” Curator and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Project Manager Austin Powers gave some background on the art scene in Beijing and Beijing-based contemporary artist Jia Aili talked about and showed his work, serving as an outstanding example. Aili, was in residence for a week in March at Graphicstudio working on new projects. Powers explained that despite the many efforts to discourage the spread of contemporary Western-influenced art in China, artistic talent was irrepressible and ultimately proved its universality.”

12/5/11 |
“Paper Chase” | GS Artists

The L&M booth at the Miami Convention Center for Art Basel Miami Beach, 2011

“Some of the strongest prints and multiples at Art Basel Miami Beach this year, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2011, were editions created 10 or 20 years ago — but they only look better with time. This is a distinct advantage for publishers who can dig deep into their flat files and pull out treasures that have been hidden for decades. At the INK Miami Art Fair in Miami Beach, the University of South Florida’s GraphicStudio atelier had some early gems by California sculptor Larry Bell, along with various new editions and prints making for a great show.”

12/1/11 | USF Magazine
“Graphicstudio: For the Love of Art” | GS Artists

Christian Marclay signing etchings with the Tim Baker, Tom Pruitt, Sarah Howard and director Margaret Miller of Graphicstudio.

“To date, about 150 artists have produced some 1,500 limited edition prints and sculpture multiples at the studio and many works are considered to be at the forefront of contemporary art. “Graphicstudio is an innovative artist residency program recognized as the leading university-based art research atelier in the United States,” says Margaret A. Miller, professor and director of the Institute for Research in Art, the umbrella organization for Graphicstudio, the Contemporary Art Museum and the Public Art program at USF. “We are advancing the research of artists in a collaborative environment.””

10/22/11 | Blood, Sea
“Blood, Sea” | Janaina Tschäpe

Janaina Tschäpe, Ague, 2004 | Blood, Sea

Janaina Tschäpe’s “Blood, Sea” mermaid footage was shown on a local Tampa network television show late October. “Blood, Sea” is a high definition video installation filmed at Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida. The exhibition, curated by Jade Dellinger, includes related photographs, drawings and a series of new prints published by Graphicstudio.

9/16/11 | The New York Times
“A Biennial Blooms Where It’s Planted” | Allan McCollum

"Each and Every One of You, 2004," by the American artist Alan McCollum, showing at the alternative arts space la Salle de Bains in Lyon.

“Nestled on the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône rivers, Lyon is chiefly known for gastronomy and silk, but over the past couple of decades it has emerged as a prime destination for contemporary art. The city’s growth as an art draw is largely thanks to its dynamic contemporary art museum — since 1984 it has organized more than 100 exhibitions by artists like James Turrell, Georg Baselitz and John Baldessari — and its contemporary art biennial, founded in 1991.”

May 20, 2011 | TBO
“USF’s hopes renewed as court considers Cuba ban” | Los Carpinteros

Noel Smith with work from Cuban artists Los Carpinteros
Noel Smith with work from Cuban artists Los Carpinteros

“University research projects in a dozen disciplines came to a halt in Florida five years ago when the state Legislature passed what amounted to a ban on academic trips to Cuba. The state ban held even when the Obama administration announced in January it was relaxing federal rules on travel to Cuba.But Florida academic researchers allowed their hopes rise this week when they heard the U.S. Supreme Court had invited the administration to file a brief in a case challenging Florida’s 2006 law.”

Spring 2011 | Saw Palm
“A Brief Brush with a Thrush” | Hernan Bas

Saw Palm Spring 2011 Issue
Saw Palm Spring 2011 Issue

“Recently, Hernan Bas’ “A Brief Brush with a Thrush” was featured on the Spring 2011 inssue of Saw Palm Florida Literature and Art which is published once yearly by the M.F.A. Creative Writing program at the University of South Florida and publishes work by Florida writers and artists, and by those outside the state whose work concerns itself with Florida.”

02/11/2011 | Weekly Challenger
“I Remember Birmingham” at The MoFA, St. Petersburg | John Scott

I Remember Birmingham | John Scott

“The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg is fortunate to have “I Remember Birmingham” in the collection. …This technically innovative and spiritually moving installation is John Scott’s response to the tragic church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963. Four girls lost their lives that Sunday morning at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. This dark day occurred just three weeks after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech…” Download Full Story PDF

01/17/2011 | Creative Loafing
“Art and Narrative – Other Worlds – by Trenton Doyle Hancock” | Trenton Doyle Hancock

We Done All We Could And None Of Its Good | Trenton Doyle Hancock

“Hancock’s much-anticipated show at USF CAM lived up to the hype. For those not familiar with Hancock, he is perhaps most famous for bringing to life an imaginary world he created over 10 years ago. Much of Hancock’s work is a contribution to the fictitious saga of the Mounds — half animal, half-plant creatures — and their ongoing, often violent, conflicts with the Vegan race. It is this constant narrative that makes Hancock’s work and USFCAM’s exhibition such a success, opening up a narrative among viewers who could not stop discussing the show’s success.” Download Full Story PDF

Graphicstudio News Archives

12/31/2008 | Creative Loafing
USF and TGH Have Something in Common: Good Art Collections
As the opening for the University of South Florida’s new Marshall Student Center loomed, Tampa architect John Curran knew he had one last thing to take care of. To complement the voluminous building’s snazzy green-and-gold terrazzo floors and sleek, contemporary furniture, the Marshall Student Center’s designer needed some artwork. Something that would say “USF!” Say, a collection of pieces by current and former faculty and students — maybe even a few that speak directly to the student experience. Download Full Story PDF

10/31/2008 | The New York TImes
Stretching the Concept of Print to Its Outer Limits | Trenton Doyle Hancock
In what is shaping up to be a subdued art season, the annual Print Fair at the Park Avenue Armory is a reassuring presence. The number of exhibitors, 89, is the same as last year’s total (even if the stock market is Topic A in the hushed conversations around the booths). Download Full Story PDF

02/27/2008 | Creative Loafing
Stan Storer, Collector

Stanton Storer, Collector

An arts community without collectors is like a garden without soil. You could just have plants (artists), sun (creativity) and gardeners (curators and other “meta” types). But without rich black earth for nourishment, nothing’s going to grow….Tampa’s art collection community is below par compared to many other cities such as Miami. There are a few substantial contributers out there though, such as Stan Storer. Download Full Story PDF

08-09/06 | Tampa Bay Magazine
Tampa is Picture Perfect

Tampa Bay Magazine: Tampa is Picture Perfect
Tampa Bay Magazine: Tampa is Picture Perfect

The September/October 2006 issue of Tampa Bay Magazine features Graphicstudio’s “Tampa Orchid” by Robert Mapplethorpe, which discusses various additions to the Florida Museum of Photographic Art. Download Full Story PDF

06/01/2006 | St. Petersburg Times
Art of Economic Impact
If you thought arts and culture were just nonprofit fluff, think again. With an estimated 24,500 people employed in creative fields, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties ranked far down the list of the nation’s 50 most populous counties. Download Full Story PDF

06/28/2006 | The Oracle
Creative Collaborations
You probably didn’t know you were in the midst of something so historic. Something maybe you thought you’d only see in movies, in upscale New York settings featuring couture galleries and industrial workshops. Furthermore, you probably didn’t know all this was a 10-minute bike ride from anywhere on campus: Graphicstudio. Download Full Story PDF

06/25/2006 | The Oracle
Art Embargo
Smith, the curator of education at USF’s Graphicstudio, is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union contesting a newly created bill called the “Travel Act.” The bill, according to the ACLU, prohibits state, federal and private funds for travel to nations considered terrorist states, as designated by the U.S. Department of State. Download Full Story PDF

10/16/2003 | Creative Loafing (formerly Weekly Planet)
The Big Picture | James Rosenquist

The Big Picture | USFCAM | Graphicstudio
The Big Picture
… But Tampa is hardly the metaphorical stepchild. For over three decades, the artist has been professionally and personally bound to the Bay area where friends, supporters, and collectors are legion. He remains especially close to Ann and Jay Ross, key players in the 1968 founding of USF’s Graphicstudio, and Gail and Arnold Levine, who have hosted social events for USF and Rosenquist for years. Museum director Margaret Miller and artist Theo Wujcik are among those on the A list. In 2000, Rosenquist co-curated Wujcik’s retrospective (with Miller) at Largo’s Gulf Coast Museum of Art, a generous move from an artist, albeit one with a reputation for generosity. Download Full Story PDF


10/11/2001 | Creative Loafing
Graphic Situation

Graphic Situation | Graphicstudio
Graphic Situation
Graphicstudio’s low local profile in need of elevation, especially with USF’s budget cuts…Graphicstudio’s esteem soared in 1991 when the National Gallery hosted a retrospective. More than 250 lithographs, etchings, woodcuts and other pieces by 37 artists were on display for almost four months…”… I work for the Guggenheim. Graphicstudio is one of the most innovative institutions in this country and, extrapolating on that, in the world.” Download Full Story PDF

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