Flocked Pink Ladies: An Anomaly

Larry Bell, 2D-3D: Glass & Vapor opened on July 17, 2015 at White Cube, Mason’s Yard in London. With pieces in group shows currently at Kohn Gallery and Quint Gallery in California; a piece in America Is Hard to See, the Whitney Museum of American Art’s inaugural exhibition; and recent solo shows at Peter Blake Gallery, Frank Lloyd Gallery, […]

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Miriam Schapiro at Graphicstudio

On June 20, 2015, Miriam Schapiro passed away. Schapiro leaves behind a tremendous legacy in the art world, and on this occasion it seems fitting to explore one small part of it. Schapiro produced several prints at Graphicstudio in 1983-1984. Four monoprints were essentially collages on paper. Children of Paradise was produced as an edition variée, […]

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Mark Dion and Graphicstudio

Mark Dion is a natural fit to collaborate with Graphicstudio because of the highly interdisciplinary nature of his visual art. His practice investigates museumology, scientific history and methodology, taxonomy, environmental studies, even taxidermy. His exploration of museum practice and installation methodology can often blur the line between artwork and museum exhibit. Dion’s work has touched […]

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