My Year at Graphicstudio, guest post by Alexa Nuñez

It blows my mind that this summer I will have been with Graphicstudio for over a year already. I remember when I first started as the marketing intern in May 2018 under the sales and marketing director, Kristin Soderqvist. I was completing course credit and had been connected with Graphicstudio through CAM. During the search for an internship, I reached out to CAM regarding an internship position. Though it had already been filled, they referred me to Graphicstudio. I was majoring in marketing and minoring in art history at the time so I thought this would be a great fit to merge my two passions.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began working for them but I did know that I was excited and this was going to be the start of a new chapter in my college career. Coming from a family of artists, I have always been surrounded by the art community but I had finally found my niche in it. Every day was not the same at Graphicstudio. When I came in every Tuesday and Thursday of the week I could expect anything from elementary school students receiving a tour to an artist in residence coming to sign their works. I really enjoyed working on something new every day. Here is a look at some of my favorite experiences that defined my role at Graphicstudio:

  1. After an artwork is produced at Graphicstudio and it is being prepared to sell on the market, the marketing sector creates an “artist sheet” which breaks down more on the artist, their process for creating this individual piece, and the meaning of each piece among other relevant information. This allows potential clients to learn more about a work before they purchase it. Creating these artist sheets was always a learning experience for me. I got to research each artist, immerse myself in their work, and sometimes I even got the pleasure of speaking to the artist one-on-one! Elisabeth Condon happened to be in the studio when I was researching her so I was able to get a primary record of why she used those materials, what she was thinking when her ideas blossomed, and what patterns she always depicts in her work. I used my conversation with Elisabeth to perfect the artist sheet and write her bio for the website as well.

    Artist Elisabeth Condon at Graphicstudio
  1. A large part of my role was managing the online sales platforms that we used. These included Artsy, Artspace and Artnet and with these platforms I documented each artwork we produced that was for sale and displayed it so other individuals on the site could collect and discover new art. This is a part of the art community I did not realize existed. With the globalization of industries through the internet, these platforms enable us to distribute work we produced to anyone in the world. I found it fascinating to experiment and build our audience through these portals.
  1. My absolute favorite task I was involved in was helping execute INK Miami. INK is a satellite fair of Art Basel that focuses on prints and works on paper. A few graduate students and I hauled our bags and drove to Miami for Art Basel weekend to assist at INK. INK was located at the Dorchester Suites, a boutique hotel in South Beach. I was involved in set up of the event, checking in guests, and assisting other gallery’s booths. The most memorable part of INK had to be all the incredible individuals I met, from gallery owners to press to art collectors. It was amazing to see the amount of people that came to support the fair!

    INK Miami Art Fair
  1. Another big event Graphicstudio has each year is the Benefit Sale. This sale happens once a year where donors, clients, and all are welcome to come visit Graphicstudio and are able to purchase the work displayed for discounted prices. You would not expect there to be so much work involved in the execution of this but there sure is! We had to send out invitations, curate which works would be displayed, rearrange all the works on the walls, update the price lists, prepare artist sheets, and so many more small tasks that got us closer to preparing for the big day. The sale ended up being a huge success!

Now that I am planning what my future will look like after graduation, I reflect on everything I have learned and am so grateful for all the experiences I have been part of. I have grown an immense amount from my first day here. I hope to take all the knowledge and experience I received at Graphicstudio to my next endeavor.

Alexa Nuñez
Marketing Intern
B.S. Marketing
Muma College of Business
University of South Florida

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