Christian Marclay Visit Inspires Two Tampa Bay Times Articles

Artist Christian Marclay signs new prints at Graphicstudio

Christian Marclay recently completed another visit to Graphicstudio. This visit was very busy and it included the signing of four new print editions (which will be released soon) and a visit from Tampa Bay Times art critic, Lennie Bennett. Bennett interviewed Marclay about the work he’s been doing here at Graphicstudio, and his rise to fame in the art world. Read Bennett’s Marclay interview here. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Another lure of printmaking has been the uniqueness of Graphicstudio, where artists come only by invitation…”I found I could be very creative and experimental,” he says. “Graphicstudio has extremely skilled printers. I could never have made cyanotypes without the skills of the people here. And I could never have made such large ones. It’s the collaboration, research. Maybe failing. That’s part of the process along the way. I call this my studio away from my studio.”

Bennett also wrote a broader piece on the history and inner workings of Graphicstudio. Below is a tiny pull-quote. And here is a link to the full story:

“Graphicstudio is probably not a household name unless your household is arts-oriented. It’s an atelier, or print shop, at the University of South Florida. But it’s not a typical atelier. It is probably even the only one of its kind in the United States.”

[Source: “Christian Marclay’s artwork calls for viewers to listen with their eyes” ]
[Source: “High aim pays off for USF’s Graphicstudio” ]

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