Christian Marclay Featured in ArtNews Magazine

Christian Marclay (right) performing with Otomo Yoshihide at the Japan Society in New York. | COURTESY PAULA COOPER GALLERY, NEW YORK, AND JAPAN SOCIETY, NEW YORK
Artist Christian Marclay has recently been featured in ArtNews magazine. We thought we’d share the in depth article with those of following his work. The article focuses on his video installation work “the Clock,” which has received international acclaim. Here’s an excerpt from the article. [ Or read the full article on ArtNews ]

Summarizing his life, the 57-year-old artist says simply: “I was born in California, grew up in Switzerland; my father was Swiss, my mother American. I grew up speaking mostly French, and I had to learn English later.” He jokes, playing off the stereotype of Swiss watchmakers, “I don’t want to be known as the clockmaker.” Over espresso at a café in the West Village, he discusses how he began his career in the early 1980s as an experimental DJ, and goes on to explain how The Clock has taken over his life. It took three years to make the work, which often required ten or more hours a day of editing, and he has spent the past year ensuring that it will be installed properly in any venue offering to exhibit it. Buyers must sign an extensive contract to acquire the work. “We get every week at least two serious requests to show it. It’s booked for the next two years,” he says, admittedly surprised by the response. “I knew The Clock would be a project that people would like. People love movies, and the theme of time is something everybody’s obsessed with. But I never imagined it would have this kind of success.” [ read full article on ArtNews ]

Christian will be back in residence here at Graphicstudio very soon. We look forward to working with him again!

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