National Gallery of Art ‘Modern Lab’ Includes Lesley Dill Work Published at Graphicstudio

Poem Dress of Circulation
Lesley Dill | “Poem Dress of Circulation” | 1994 | Multimedia assemblage lithographed | 48”x40”x10”

Lesley Dill was recently included in the National Gallery of Art special exhibition entitled Modern Lab: Material Interventions. “The Modern Lab” show is in an exhibition space “dedicated to focused installations of modern and contemporary works in a variety of media from the Gallery’s collection.” NGA describes the collection as:

Appealingly tactile and visually provocative, the works in this installation engage the senses through their distinctive materiality. Created with wax, dirt, thread, and other unconventional items, they emphasize the power of materials to inform content and convey meaning. Blurring traditional boundaries between media—by combining painting with sculpture, sewing with printmaking, or sculpture with photography—the artists whose work is presented establish new, hybrid forms of art. With their innovative and at times surprising use of materials, these artists intervene in our normal viewing habits focusing our attention on how we experience art.

Dill’s work Poem Dress of Circulation, published here at Graphicstudio, is included in the exhibition. If you’d like to visit the gallery and see the show, you can still catch it. The exhibition will close August 12, 2012. [more here]

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