EV Day | Artist in Residence at Graphicstudio

Artist EV Day works on new cyanotypes at USF Graphicstudio

Last week we had the pleasure of EV Day’s company here at Graphicstudio. While she was here, Ms. Day worked on several new prints and sculpture pieces. She also attended a celebration where she accepted the 2012 Nucci Award.

EV Day is well known for her work as a feminist artist who explores sensual and sexual themes. Some of her most well know work also includes gravity-defying suspension techniques. The first in her Exploding Couture series, Bombshell, was included in the 2000 Biennial of the Whitney Museum of American Art and is now in the Museum’s permanent collection. You can see more of her work on her website EV Day Studio. Ms. Day has upcoming shows in 2012 at Baldwin Gallery in Aspen, Colorado and at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. We also hope to see her here at Graphicstudio again soon!

The Nucci Award, supported by Dr. Robert Nucci of Nucci Spine Clinics, has now been given for three consecutive years. Other artists who have received the honor include Trenton Doyle Hancock and Diana Al Hadid. The award supports an artist in-residence each year and a celebration to honor the artist is hosted at Dr. Nucci’s home.

EV Day speaks as she accepts the 2012 Nucci Award
EV Day speaks as she accepts the 2012 Nucci Award

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