Did You Know? Schedule a Tour of Graphicstudio

Aspiring artist, Adia, on her tour of Graphicstudio.

Did you know that you can schedule a tour of Graphicstudio for your school, community group, or for anyone who has an interest in printmaking and art? No visitors are too young, and young kids can even get a sample to take home with them, just like you see in aspiring artist hand in the photo above.

What is in a Graphicstudio Tour?
What you’ll experience while you’re here depends on you. You can get a full-service tour complete with a demonstration for your group. Or you can stop by with a friend and look around our gallery. You can ask questions about the work, or you can just take it all in on your own. If you do plan to visit with a group, it’s best to make an appointment to ensure you get the most of the visit.

We have a dedicated, friendly staff who love their jobs and are eager to share their knowledge and experience in printmaking with others.If you are interested in a specific artist or work of art or artist associated with Graphicstudio, let us know and we can tell you everything there is to know.

ESL Students tour Graphicstudio

Some Tour Feedback…
Graphicstudio visitors often provide some feedback after a tour, but few replies are as heartfelt as those we received from an ESL class that visited a few weeks ago. We thought we’d share their replies because their enthusiasm translates beyond the language barrier.

Big thanks for tour.  I like art and tour was interesting for me.  I have seen a lot of new things about art. Favorite part of the tour was when artist have show as how to do some art (how to print it).  Sometimes was difficult to understund what you was saying, because my English not perfect yet.

Best Regards,
I am appreciate you for managing this tour, and managing the studio and introduce lots of information. That my favorite part is screenprinting artworks, making it is a little difficult, but the effect is amazing. The painting on the wall is look spectacular, the color is shining, the figure looks various. From this trip, I love this wonderful art world, people here are very nice, and they create the amazing world.


I am appreciated at your managing tours and studio. I enjoyed it last Friday. And the Screenprint gave me deep impression. That was very nice. When I wore the 3D glass, it was more beautiful and magical. The fighting and blood seemed alive. I would like you to know that I was happy about this touring. And I wanner say thanks to you again.

I appreciate you for introduction of Graphicstudio last Friday. From this tour, I can get a artistic motive and it allow me to refresh my mind. Especilly, watching etching gave a pleasure to me.

Thank you for the tour. It was an interesting art tour. And I like the Cigar box made from Cuba. It looks nice.There are funny comics in the box.


Thank you for the tours, and I like the art when you show us the some kind of art. I love the light wall when I use the glasses 3D.

Best Regards,

Thank you for analyze and give us a chance to see this kind of art it was very nice and I like the printing machine it’s a new and interesting for me
I appreciate and I would like to thank you in Arabic language (شكرًا )

Best regards,

I would like to thank you for the tour last Friday, I appreciate that you guide us and give us your time. I would like you to know my favorite part of the tour.  It’s the 3D wall paper. I was surprised how the artist could mix the 3D technique with drawing. In fact, everything has his own features and of course it was very nice.  Again, thank you all for your hard working wish you the best.

Best Regards,

More Opportunties to Interact with Graphicstudio
Check out Graphicstudio educational programs. Teachers, check out Inside Art, a web-based visual literacy program that integrates social studies with contemporary art.

ESL Students tour Graphicstudio

As it says atop our blog, Graphicstudio is an”experiment in art and education.” We hope to see you soon!

Call 813-974-3503 to schedule your tour!

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