Snapshots from the GS Booth @ IFPDA Print Fair 2011

Kristin prepares for the opening of the IFPDA Print Fair

Kristin and Sarah are taking questions, sharing stories, and hob-nobbing with the art world elite at the IFPDA Print Fair in New York. They have taken a few snapshots of our booth at the fair. If you’re planning to attend, you will get to see some new work that has not yet been shown, including new prints from Christian Marclay and Josiah McElheny. Here is a list of artists we have featured in our booth at IFPDA:

Christian Marclay
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Josiah McElheny
Alyson Shotz
Carlos Garaicoa
Iva Gueorguieva
Alex Katz

Alex Katz dropped by the booth last night and visited for a bit before checking out the rest of the fair. We’ll get more photos over the weekend to share with you next week.

The GS Booth at IFPDA | Garaicoa, Shotz, McElheny, and Gueorguieva
Visitors circulate through the GS Booth
IFPDA is an event for all ages

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