October “Art in America” Features Larry Bell and Print Suite from Graphicstudio

Researched by Maria Bevilacqua – Graphicstudio Intern

Untitled #4
Five color screen print with flocking
84″ x 42″
Edition 60; XX

An article in this months “Art in AmericaCritical Eye, Flocked Pink Ladies: An Anomaly by Faye Hirsch features artist Larry Bell, and includes the story of a suite of prints (Untitled #1 – 6) he created here at Graphicstudio.

Larry Bell is well known for his glass boxes, created experimental photographs with a panoramic camera. The Graphicstudio prints are referred to as “a printed species of velvet painting, but ultra chic, and bearing all the trippy aura of the era.”

Bell was one of the first artists requested to collaborate with Graphicstudio under founder Donald Saff. Bell, as well as Philip Pearlstein, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Mel Ramos and Ed Ruscha among others were invited in the first 8 years to make prints.

In the article, Faye Hirsch and Larry Bell discuss via email the entertaining history of this suite of uncharacteristic prints. This compelling story is about the times, the artists and one of our first undertakings as a research laboratory for printmaking. Of Graphicstudio, Hirch says:

“Graphicstudio, with its capacity for large scale and willingness to innovate through all manor of technical gymnastics, was revolutionizing collaborative printmaking in the U.S.”

These atypical and overlooked prints – even by the artist himself – have resurfaced recently in a major Bell exhibition organized by Marie de Brugerolle last winter at the Carre d’Art-Musee d’art comtemporain de Nimes.

Read the full article here Critical Eye, Flocked Pink Ladies: An Anomaly, by Faye Hirsch.

You can see the suite Untitled #1-6 on our site. Or visit the studio in person anytime. Friday, October 14th, would be a particularly good day to do so.

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