Fresh Press | Alex Katz “Kym”

Kym, 2011
27″ x 32 1/2″
Edition: 50

Fresh off the Graphicstudio presses! Alex Katz, Kym.

We’ve had some eager collectors waiting on this print for sometime now, but the eleven run regimen for the work and our busy production schedule meant interested buyers had to wait a little longer than usual. But now the wait is over.

This new Katz work required an eleven run process for each print to achieve its extraordinary color, depth and brilliance. Runs included the use of eight different aluminum lithographic plates, two screens, and one woodblock. We hope you agree that it was worth the production effort to create this delicately bold print.

Tom Pruitt pulls one of several runs of the Alex Katz print "Kym"

We had a long waiting list for this print during production, but we still have a few available for sale. Please call 813-974-3503 and speak with Kristin S. if you need more information!

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