Los Carpinteros Print “Coco Solo” Featured in Florida Design Magazine

Tom Pruitt works on “Coco Solo”, a print created by Los Carpinteros and produced at Graphicstudio.
Tom Pruitt works on “Coco Solo”, a print created by Los Carpinteros and produced at Graphicstudio.

At Graphicstudio, we produce and sell hundreds of fine art limited edition prints every year. Many of these prints are purchased by galleries or museums. Many others are sold to collectors and art aficionados. Once a work is sold we rarely get to see how a collector has it framed. But thanks to Florida Design’s magazine, we did get a chance to see one our our prints on display in it’s new home.

So which Graphicstudio print made it to design fame? None other than Coco Solo by Cuban based artists Los Carpinteros. Above is our artisan Tom Pruitt working on one stage of the print production. Below is the Coco Solo as seen on page 74 of Florida Design’s Miami Spring 2011 issue. They were even so diligent as to give Graphicstudio a credit in their source list, so thanks for that too Florida Design.

Los Carpinteros print “Coco Solo” featured in Florida Design's Miami
Los Carpinteros print “Coco Solo” featured in Florida Design's Miami

The inspiration for “Coco Solo” came from Dagoberto Rodriguez, one part of the two person team known as Los Carpinteros. Dagoberto worked in residence at Graphicstudio for several weeks in 2004. For this piece, he drew directly on the aluminum plates using tusche washes and lithographic crayons. He emphasized the medial of a sandal and maps of a Havana neighborhood on the insole of the drawing. Four runs were printed from three aluminum lithographic plates and one wood block.

Coco Solo

Color lithograph
42″ x 72″
Edition 20

More about Coco Solo
Coco Solo is a lithograph in an edition of 20. This image was hand drawn by the artists and is based on a series of drawings of sandals with maps of Havana neighborhoods on the soles. Los Carpinteros typically first develop their ideas in large scale watercolor drawings which curator Laura Hoptman calls complete ideas, or “working drawings.” These renderings may later find further expression in sculpture, installations or prints. See Los Carpinteros work produced at Graphicstudio>>

About Florida Design
FLORIDA DESIGN is dedicated to those who appreciate fine interior design, furnishings, architecture and a luxurious lifestyle. Because of our distribution, advertisers have been rewarded with sales from buyers living in or moving to Florida from all over the United States, North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, and even the tiny island of Guam.

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