New Photos of Diana Al-Hadid “In Mortal Repose” Sculpture

Diana Al-Hadid works with Model
Diana Al-Hadid works with model for her sculpture “In Mortal Repose”

We’ve got a few more photos to share of Graphicstudio’s latest sculpture release, In Mortal Repose, by Diana Al-Hadid. Read on for more about Diana Al-Hadid, and how the sculpture was made.

"In Mortal Repose" sculpture by Diana Al Hadid

New York based Diana Al-Hadid was the 2010 recipient of The Nucci Award which partially supported her residency at Graphicstudio. Diana worked in collaboration with David Norr (Institute of Research in Art Chief Curator) and  Eric Vontillius (sculpture fabricator), who were able to help her explore a new direction in her work.

"In Mortal Repose" sculpture by Diana Al Hadid

In Mortal Repose was developed from body cast that was used to make a wax model which the artist then further sculpted, refined, and melted. Using the traditional lost wax process, molds were made and the sculpture was cast in bronze. The figure is placed on a large scale plinth and is designed so that it can be exhibited out of doors.

"In Mortal Repose" sculpture by Diana Al Hadid

The bronze casting and patina were produced at Bronzart in Sarasota. In Mortal Repose was first shown at the ADA (Art Dealers Association of America) Fair at the Park Avenue Armory in New York from March 2-6, 2011.

"In Mortal Repose" sculpture by Diana Al Hadid
New Graphicstudio Sculpture Edition | Diana Al-Hadid “In Mortal Repose”

“In Mortal Repose” is in an edition of 3 with 2 proofs. Diana Al-Hadid is represented by the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York.

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