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Fresh Off the Press at Graphicstudio
We have just completed a brand new edition by Miami born artist Hernan Bas entitled “They Can Bring the Curtain Down.” This suite is an edition of 25 published at Graphicstudio, and is now beautifully packaged and available for purchase.

“They Can Bring the Curtain Down”
“They Can Bring the Curtain Down” is a suite of eight (8) direct gravure prints with images in a paper folio. This work stems from an ongoing interest in the origins of performance art, from the early dada movement with it’s cubist costume parties to the influence of the Russian Ballet Russe on a generation of artists. These images in particular are joined by the motif of the curtain, the life of a performer behind the scenes, with all of the anxiety and butterflies associated with the stage. These are lives of the understudies, the background performers rarely in the forefront but essential to the story.

Hernan Bas Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas Hernan Bas
They Can Bring the Curtain Down
Direct gravure with 8 images in a paper folio
21 x 17 1/2”
Edition: 25
Price: Call for Price

About Hernan Bas
Hernan Bas, born in 1978, lives and works in Miami. He has had solo exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum of Art (2009), Rubell Family Collection, Miami (2007), The Moore Space, Miami (2004) and The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami (2002). Bas’ work has also been exhibited in The Collectors, curated by Elmgreen & Dragset, Nordic and Danish Pavilions, Venice Biennale (2009), Busan Biennale, Korea (2008), Aspen Art Museum (2007), Schirn Kunsthalle (2005) and Whitney Biennial (2004). He is represented by numerous galleries, including Frederic Snitzer, Miami, Victoria Miro, London, and Lehmann Maupin, New York.

A Brief Brush with a Thrush 


A Brief Brush with a Thrush
Direct gravure with etching
21 x 17 1/2”
Edition: 60

A Brief Brush with a Thrush was created by drawing on both sides of a sheet of mylar adding to the tonal complexity of the work. Bas also employed a broad mixture of technical means including airbrush, drawing and brushed ink. 30 impressions of this edition were offered as a benefit print to the Rubell Family Collection / Contemporary Arts Foundation.

Are You a Graphicstudio Subscriber?
Hernan Bas’ A Brief Brush with a Thrush is a limited edition print published at Graphicstudio. Graphicstudio Subscribers had the first opportunity to acquire this direct gravure from Bas, as well as other limited edition prints from up and coming and established artists from around the world. Learn more about the Graphicstudio Subscriber program.

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