Andrew Witkin Inspires at Director’s Circle Event

Andrew Witkin at the Graphicstudio Directors Circle Event
Graphicstudio’s Director’s Circle offers elite access to artists and art insiders.

What’s better than an evening of reality television watching celebrity skaters, untrained dancers, amateur singers, and New Jersey divas?

How about an evening with art world insider Andrew Witkin?! That’s the treat our Director’s Circle members enjoyed just a few evenings ago at our most recent Graphicstudio Director’s Circle event.

Who is Andrew Witkin?
Andrew is so unassuming he’d probably ask the same question. But in reality, Andrew is quite accomplished as both an artist and curator. He is well studied with an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan in Connecticut and a graduate degree from Tufts University. Since 2000, Andrew has been the Director of the Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston. He has also worked at several New York galleries, including a recently curated video program at The Kitchen. He ran education programs at the New Museum and Jewish Museum in New York. And in 2008, Andrew’s own artwork was awarded the James and Audrey Foster Prize.

Andrew Witkin at the Graphicstudio Directors Circle Event

Of Andrew, the ICA in Boston says;

Andrew Witkin’s artistic approach is inspired by, and nearly indistinguishable from, his deliberate approach to life, work, and relationships. He refers to his shows as physical manifestations or “stopping points” of his continued examination of essential life questions, such as how one balances personal fulfillment with community responsibility.

Witkin continues to explore these ideas in a new installation created for the Foster Prize exhibition. Two corridors will lead to a central area holding items associated with work, rest and play. The installation will present a judicious arrangement of objects, some originating from casual encounters and others of great personal significance to the artist.

What is the Graphicstudio Director’s Circle?
Grahicstudio’s Director’s Circle is an elite group of art supporters from the Tampa Bay area. Each of our Director’s Circle members contributes generously to our mission, and in return they are treated to special access to artists and industry experts like Carlos Garaicoa, Andrew Witkin, and Alma Ruiz. Our next Director’s Circle event will feature artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, who will also have a show at the USFCAM in January 2011.

Andrew Witkin at the Graphicstudio Directors Circle Event
Margaret Miller introduces Andrew Witkin to Director’s Circle members.

We are very happy Andrew came to Tampa to share his vision and exquisite insight into the human condition with our Graphicstudio Director’s Circle members!  You are welcome anytime, Andrew!

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