Post Benefit Sale Report | Contest Winner

A look down the crowded hallway during the Graphicstudio 12th Annual Benefit Sale

Our 12th Annual Benefit Sale has come to a close, and it was a great success! We had a wonderful time meeting and engaging with the community. We saw many of our friends from the local area, along with a surprising number of new faces! We estimate around 250 – 300 visitors dropped by the studio for the sale. Thanks to all those who attended!

Benefit Sales
We exceeded our sales performance from last year, which is great news in this tough economy. We are now sold out of a few items, including James Rosenquist’s After Berlin and Color of Mind and Muscle, Janaina Tschäpe’s Mimosus soli, and Robert Gordy’s Female Head. But there are still some gems available. An edition that has been sold out for years, Philip Pearlstein’s View of Rome is still in inventory. This came back to us on consignment, and you can still check it out here at Graphicstudio.

The Winner!
We also had a drawing for Mark Dion’s Tree Scheme. The winner, Jenny Lind Olin, came in and picked up her print this week. You can tell by the smile on her face that she was very happy to be the winner! She has an interest in genealogy, so she felt the tree included in the work was appropriate for her. Thanks for coming to the sale Jenny!

Food Report
The food and drink also seemed to be a hit. We went through the entire supply of candied bacon and cleared out the rest of the “high end bar food” at the affair. The make your own Infused vodka drink bar was also a hit. Thanks to those who put it all together and served it all so graciously.

Thank you so much to those who visited, participated, and purchased at the sale this year!! We will see you next October!

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