Mark Dion and Graphicstudio

Mark Dion is a natural fit to collaborate with Graphicstudio because of the highly interdisciplinary nature of his visual art. His practice investigates museumology, scientific history and methodology, taxonomy, environmental studies, even taxidermy. His exploration of museum practice and installation methodology can often blur the line between artwork and museum exhibit. Dion’s work has touched […]

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Trenton Doyle Hancock Up Close

Walking into Graphicstudio, there are prints and sculptural editions created by artists from around the world. If you walk straight back you will be confronted with a wall covered in psychedelic, black-light reactive wallpaper. This screen printed wallpaper with fluorescent inks was a 2008 project with artist Trenton Doyle Hancock and is called Flower Bed […]

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Christian Marclay – Manga Scroll

Video: Christian Marclay on Night Music, 10/29/89 Christian Marclay has been involved in sound and art exploration through the use of turntables since 1979. First using skipping records as rhythm tracks for The Bachelors, Even, his duo with guitarist Kurt Henry, sound has figured into Marclay’s art (or art has figured into Marclay’s sound) since […]

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